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Journal ofKorean Art and Archaeology

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To share with the rest of the world a compendium of academic accomplishments on Korean archaeology, history, and art history as well as to revitalize research interest in Korean studies.

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It tries to realize historical facts through various methodologies for material evidence such as relics and artifacts from prehistoric times, including Paleolithic and Neolithic around the Korean Peninsula, to the period before Goryeo Dynasty.
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From a comprehensive perspective, mainly from Goryeo Dynasty to modern times, it is a collection of studies that attempted to implement a more specific contemporary reality for each field and object in a diachronic way.
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Art history
It is a collection of studies that explore the cultural and social background of the time beyond the artistic object itself for various levels of artistic activities on the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding areas throughout the entire era.
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Conservation Science
The remarkable development of conservation science and technology raises academic possibilities. These are research results that discover invisible gaps by using various new technologies for historical objects.
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Museum Science, etc.
The museum is an area that already has its own legacy and an object of learning. It is an exploration of its history, culture, and other related fields.
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