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If you subscribe to the newsletter service, you can receive journals and news newly published by JKAA via e-mail. You can refuse to collect personal information. However, if the subscriber is under the age of 14 or refuses to collect personal information, it is impossible to apply for the newsletter.

  1. 1Items of personal information to be collected and method of collection(Required) Items of personal information: name, emailPersonal information collection method: Personal information is collected only when the user who uses the newsletter service agrees.
  2. 2Purpose of collection and use of personal information JKAA uses the collected personal information only to provide the newsletter service.
  3. 3Retention and use period of personal informationThe collected name and e-mail address will be destroyed without delay if the user withdraws the consent to the collection and use of newsletter cancellation application and personal information.
  4. 4Right to Refuse Consent and Disadvantages of Refusing ConsentYou can refuse to agree to the provision and use of personal information, but if you do not agree, you cannot use the JKAA newsletter subscription service.
  5. 5Scope of use of collected personal informationOnly e-mail information among the acquired personal information can be used to receive newsletters and interest briefs published by JKAA.
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