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General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
This publication ethics regulation aims to secure moral research and integrity in the JKAA journals, and to provide standards for fair verification of fraud and unethical behavior related to the research of published papers.
Article 2 (Applicable)
This publication ethics regulation applies to all members related to the publication of JKAA academic journals published by the National Museum of Korea, and also applies to non-members who wish to submit papers.

Ethical Academic Publication and Social Responsibility

Article 3 (Ethical Academic Publication)
Authors and editors must honestly and truthfully abide by all regulations to ensure ethical academic publication as a person in charge, manager, and practitioner of publication ethics and research ethics in all processes of publication.
Article 4 (Social Responsibility)
Authors and editors must prevent research ethical problems from occurring in relation to published papers, and take responsibility for any problems that arise.


Article 5 (Author)
  1. 1.Authors listed in papers submitted to this journal must satisfy the following conditions:
    1. A person who has made a significant intellectual contribution to the research results (substantial contribution to the conception or design of research, or acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data for research).
    2. Those who wrote a thesis on research results or made critical revisions to important academic contents.
    3. A person who agrees to the final manuscript publication approval and is responsible for all aspects of the thesis.
    4. A person who is responsible for all aspects of the research and who has guaranteed and agreed to properly investigate and resolve any issues related to the accuracy or truthfulness of any part of the research.
  2. 2.A person who has made an academic contribution to the research contents or results shall not be granted authorship of the paper without justifiable reasons, or a person who has not made an academic contribution shall not be granted authorship of the paper.
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